Beautiful Village —— Hei'er

Hei’er village, a small, remote village among Qujing, Wenshan and Honghe, is a traditional, Zhuang ethnic minority village in Shizong Yi and Zhuang Minority County. There are 14 farming groups, with around 4000 Zhuang people total. Very large farmlands in low and hot valleys, intertwining rivers, and terraced fields are prerequisites for preserving local resources and crop varieties. Some local products are very famous, like Hei’er sticky rice, sticky rice cakes, ethnic embroidery, and so on. In 2013, Hei’er received the honor of being named one of “The most beautiful 30 villages in Yunnan province” out of 270 villages. In the same year, Hei’er sticky rice was declared one of the “Six most Delicious Rice Varieties” during the rice exhibition of the Yunnan Agriculture Department.

  • When:2014-09-15 ~ 2014-12-22
  • Where:Hei'er Village