《Slient Spring》—Rachel Carson

Our Philosophy:

In the 1960's, scientist Rachel Carson opened the world's eyes to the destructive effects of pesticide use on environmental and human health. Her groundbreaking book Silent Spring blended scientific research with medical evidence to convince the public of the grave risks of using the pesticide DDT for agriculture. Rachel Carson not only succeeded in convincing the US government to ban the toxic pesticide, but she also transformed the way the world viewed chemical technologies and catalyzed the global environmental protection movement. Even beyond these accomplishments, Rachel Carson remains a symbol of female empowerment: a model for women all around the world to step up to protect the environment and make great contributions to sustainable development. This key connection between women and the environment has increasingly drawn the world's attention. The "Program of Action," passed in the United Nations 4th World Conference on Women (1995), emphasized, "The experiences and contributions of women in terms of ecological environment must be the central component of 21st century agenda. The contributions of women on environment management should be recognized and supported; otherwise, sustainable development will be an unachievable goal." This is why Eco-Women exists: to strengthen the link between women and the environment, thus advancing sustainable development, protecting families' health, and fighting environmental destruction and poverty. From rural villages to urban communities, from poor farmers to wealthy families, Eco-Women works to empower women to make healthy choices and protect the environment, thus creating a better, more sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our Mission:
Eco-Women is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Yunnan Province, China, working to address pesticide hazards and women's health, as well as other broader issues concerning women's empowerment, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, and the environment. Founded in 2001, Eco-Women is a female-only volunteer and decision-making network that works directly with communities and collaborates extensively with other women’s organizations to carry out projects related to Eco-Women’s goals.
Our Work:
To disseminate knowledge on the environment and women's health
Eco-Women attaches great importance to educating women about the risks of pesticide use to the health of their families. With this knowledge, women can educate others and play an active role in environmental protection and the reduction of pesticide use
To help disadvantaged women make a living
Eco-Women provides job information, occupational training, and vocational experience-sharing activities to give women the opportunities and resources they need to develop sustainable livelihoods
To empower key women in communities
Eco-Women raises key women's awareness of the environment and women and children's health,empowering them to play a leading role in protecting the environment, and collaborating to eliminate poverty and enhance community-led sustainable development
To promote green housekeeping methods
Eco-Women helps housekeepers foster habits of green consumption and conservation, using training and educational activities to reduce the use of household pesticides and chemicals
To launch scientific research on the impacts of environmental factors on women's health
We help women carry out research to investigate the impacts of the environment on health, particularly regarding pesticide risks. We also facilitate constructive feedback and discussion on environmental policies and chemical regulations